2013: The Cloud As Savior And Sinner

Brief article that sums up pros and cons of using cloud computing for IaaS (infrastructure as a service). As the author states, using the cloud can be a God-send from a disaster recovery standpoint as many affected by hurricane Sandy found out, but can also be a nightmare if the setup isn’t done properly. One of the issues that my place of employment runs into is the time to spin up development servers, which seems to be a common problem. By using cloud services to spin up servers in a few clicks, those outside of the server group could be opening up all kinds of security risks to the organization unknowingly. To prevent this from occurring, the organization could create a DevOps group that is represented by both the development and server groups, and create standards for when deploying servers on the cloud to put some kind of regulation in place.

2013: The Cloud As Savior And Sinner

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